IKEA attracts millions of people with its Scandinavian style and showed the whole world interior secrets that interested everyone with its laconicism and budget prices. The mazes of this store are made in such a way that it is unrealistic to leave it without a purchase. After all, I really want to buy that fluffy blanket, and voluminous boxes, and new mugs. And at the end, buy some scented candles.

Our editorial office has taken upon itself the responsibility to delve into the main secrets of IKEA, because of which it has been able to offer the same thing for many years, and at the same time not lose regular customers.

There are so many chips in IKEA interiors for a reason

There are many interesting details in the design spaces developed in IKEA stores. Among them are a large number of textiles, a mountain of pillows, blankets, candles and decorative figures. It’s worth noting that IKEA sells a lot of unnecessary trinkets. According to the idea of ​​marketers, this is how the client buys more products than planned, tempted by an interesting design and a low price. The interiors of the store are generally made in such a way that the buyer can see how harmoniously one thing is combined with another, and ultimately left an impressive amount in the checkout with his own hand.

IKEA offers special assistance to couples who can’t decide

In some countries, IKEA has an individual approach to couples who cannot fully decide and choose a product that has sunk into the soul of both of them. For these cases, workers have a special plan for family buyers. In most cases, the issue is solved by manufacturing furniture from scratch using existing blocks and parts. This way the company increases customer confidence and guarantees an increase in the number of purchases.

Everyone can get a design solution for free

If you liked a particular interior solution placed on the territory of the store, then you can easily install it in your home. It makes no sense to find out which products are useful and in which department they are sold. Just find a consultant and tell them that you need this room as it is. The seller will make a full invoice, and it will be much easier for you to pick up the goods at the warehouse.

No need to walk in circles to find a product

There is a useful life hack for those who do not like to wander around the entire labyrinth of the store to find where the chair of interest is in the warehouse. Instead, visit the IKEA website and find the product page. The place where he is is written under the photo.

Clients can take a nap on their beds

In any store, before purchasing a bed, sofa or armchair, you can easily sit or lie on it. And at IKEA, customers can even take a nap to make sure the berth is perfect for them. But if you went on such an adventure, you should know that the bed linen on the exhibition beds is not changed.

In addition, in most countries you will be woken up if noticed sleeping on your bed for some time. But, for example, in the Chinese IKEA this attitude is more acceptable: there you can often see 2-3 dozing visitors.

You can get a refund for a purchase

If you purchased the product without a discount, then in a couple of weeks you can take back some of the funds. This requires that the previously purchased product be put up for sale. Customers can request a refund of the price difference if they notify the store within 3 months after purchase and show a receipt. IKEA Family cardholders can take advantage of these privileges.

Opened packaging is prohibited in IKEA

IKEA sellers are usually very careful to ensure that no one opens the item. According to the company’s policy, items with opened packaging must be immediately removed from the store shelves and re-given their presentation. In some countries, open goods are even disposed of.

IKEA gives clients 365 days to think

You have a whole year during which you can return or exchange an item purchased from IKEA without giving any reason. All you need to return a product is a passport and a receipt. True, this does not apply to all categories of goods. For example, a customer has 2 weeks to exchange pillows and blankets and 3 months to exchange mattresses.

It’s best to book on Monday or Wednesday

As some netizens have found out, Mondays are the most likely to get the item you need, as most returns come on weekends. This is especially true of promotional items that are in short supply. In addition, IKEA has bonus sales for these items on Wednesdays.

Why do IKEA customers buy the same thing

The company’s website says that IKEA are supporters of democratic design, which is constantly being improved. Furniture and interior items from the Swedish manufacturer have indeed changed slightly over time, although they have received a more modern design. To see this, just look at today’s IKEA catalog and the 1980s. The question instantly appears in my head: “Has anything changed?”

Do you like IKEA? What things help you to reduce consumer appetite and to overcome the temptation to buy too much?

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