Time travel, teleportation, invisibility cloak and pills instead of food – we have collected 6 technologies that many dream about, but most likely people will never bring them to life.

Ability to read other people’s thoughts

How many films have been filmed on this topic, how many jokes have been written, but this is still impossible and most likely will never be implemented. The reason is simple – in the human brain, the number of neurons exceeds the number of 80 billion. More than 40 thousand connections connect them. At the same time, thoughts are not some kind of static phenomenon and it is extremely difficult to predict any process associated with a person’s thinking. Therefore, we are content only with the fact that we can read some images, zones of activity, emotions, feelings, etc. This is also, by the way, a lot.

Items of clothing that allow you to become invisible

Cloaks, mantles and all this, alas, will remain only in fairy tales and films, because even the materials that scientists manage to create do not allow them to achieve the desired effect and at the same time make them themselves truly invisible. Maximum of something to disguise and then not to the full. You can’t argue against the laws of physics, you have to put up with it.


It’s just not possible period. Conventionally, the teleportation process assumes that it is possible to instantly move 1 unit to another place – hence all the fantasies on this topic. But here’s the catch – there are over 50 trillion such units in the human body. It is impossible to “scatter” a person into the “sand” from such a number of cells in such a way, to teleport them all to one point in space and to restore them with precision.


So far, something similar has been repeated only on the water, although in all conscience, this cannot be compared with the desired prototype. Very strong energy sources are needed, and this is dangerous for the lives of people who will fly in them, and for other people, and for the environment, because such power can be achieved only through nuclear technologies.

Back to the past

Another topic that leaves neither filmmakers nor moviegoers alone. Scientists explain that this is impossible due to the laws of this universe, and probably this is for the best, since this is definitely impossible without a negative impact on the past, present and future. All that remains is to fantasize and dream.

Replacing food with pills

Today, the pace of life is such that many would like to save time on cooking and eating. Purely theoretically, this is possible, but the calorie rate (2000 per day) can be turned into 250 g of tablets per day, and this is at best. At the same time, the impact on health and well-being can be unpredictable, because from food we get not only calories, but also useful and necessary substances for us.

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