The very concept of “childfree” (English childless by choice, voluntary childless – “voluntarily childless”) means a conscious refusal to bear children. We will not discuss the moral side of this issue, because everyone can independently decide how to live.

However, our editorial board became interested in which of the stars still abandoned their prejudices and raised heirs. Who knows, maybe someone will follow suit.

Eva Longoria

In 2015, the actress said that she did not want to have children, but after she got married, she radically changed her mind, giving birth to a son, Santiago, from Jose Antonio Baston. Eve notices that she does not like a soul in a child. The celebrity laid out the story of her pregnancy in detail for subscribers on social networks.

Eva Mendes

The actress adhered to her philosophy for a long time until she met Ryan Gosling on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines. The game of the couple on the screen turned into marriage already in real life. And after that, the celebrity realized that she wanted an ordinary family with all its bonuses. Eve herself remarked: “What happened? Ryan Gosling happened. I mean, I fell in love with him. And I began to want … no, not children, but his children. ” At the moment, the lovers are raising two beautiful daughters, Esmeralda and Amada.

Cameron Diaz

“Children are a continuous work that needs to be done seven days a week for at least 18 years,” said the actress. However, at the age of 47, the star radically changed her mind and, together with her husband Benji Madden, with the help of the service of a surrogate mother, acquired a charming daughter, Raddix.

Diane Kruger

The celebrity considered herself too selfish to care for anyone else but herself. However, after in 2016, Kruger met actor Norman Reedus, a co-star in the film “Heaven”, she still wanted to become a mother and was not disappointed in her choice.

Zooey Deschanel

The actress and singer announced until 2015 that she did not want to be a mother. Judging by her words, the world imposes on a woman certain standards that she must follow, and childbearing is one of them. However, a little later, in a marriage with producer Jacob Pechenik, she had a daughter, Elsie Otter, and a few years later, a son, Charlie Wolfe. Despite the fact that the marriage, alas, was dissolved, children come first for Zoe.

Jessica Biel

Having a relationship with the equally famous Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel repeatedly refused the role of mother: “This is not for me. It’s enough that I have a dog named Tina. Taking care of her is not easy either. ” However, after an inconspicuous wedding, the actress radically changed her mind and gave birth to a son, Silas Randall Timberlake. Celebrities are crazy about their child and think about him even at social events.

George Clooney

While not married, George Clooney supported the childfree idea. “Children are the biggest responsibility that can be. I don’t see myself as a parent. My priority is work, ”said George. He even joked, saying that he did not have a gene that should be continued. All this was relevant until one of the main Hollywood heartthrobs met the most attractive British human rights activist Amal Alamuddin. The lovers got married, and soon Amal showed the world the twins Ella and Alexandra.

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