In our frosty and wet winters, I especially want to fly to the sun and the ocean. If you are lucky and can work remotely from anywhere in the world, check out the list of inexpensive countries that are ideal for wintering.


This Asian country can rightfully be considered one of the most hospitable. Low prices for housing and food will not leave you indifferent. A small apartment in the heart of the capital will cost you $ 200-300 per month. To dine or dine at the restaurant with the freshest seafood will cost only $ 3 per person.


The most popular place among freelancers. not only the gorgeous ocean, ideal beaches and jungle attract tourists here. The prices please everyone. Only $ 500 will cost you a cozy apartment in the heart of Bangkok. Eat in a restaurant from $ 3 to $ 5 per person. the most expensive thing you have to pay for when heading to this beautiful country is plane tickets.


It is the most inexpensive choice of all Asian countries for wintering. the pricing policy here is much lower than in Thailand or Vietnam, and the local flavor and nature is not inferior.


If you are ready for contrasts and are not afraid to experiment then this country is for you. the prices here are low and the impressions will last for many years. the most familiar region for our tourists is Goa.


The most loyal country in Europe in terms of pricing policy. rental housing in the center of any of the islands will cost $ 200-300. it is ideal for those who want to enjoy the cultures and historical heritage and appreciate the mild climate, the number of sunny days in Greece 360 ​​a year, and the water temperature does not drop below 23 degrees in summer.


One of the youngest countries for tourism. Mountain landscapes, mild climate, warm sea are combined with low prices and hospitality.


Bulgaria, which is close to us in mentality and cuisine, is perfect for wintering with children. the prices here are pleasantly different from any other country in Europe, and the gorgeous landscapes and warm climate will allow you to spend the winter as comfortably as possible.


The most popular place is the island of Bali. A place of strength and enlightenment for all youth. chic jungle, ocean, surfing, tropical fruits and all this combined with nice prices. $ 250 per month for housing in a heavenly place is not much.

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