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Top 6 Russian brokers. Part 2


In this article we would like to analyze, what is the best broker company in Russia and where it is better to make investments. Let us get started. Part 2.

  1. Sberbank Investor
  2. Finam
  1. Sberbank Investor
Сбербанк Инвестор – Приложения в Google Play

Sberbank Investor broker has disadvantages, and, in our opinion, they are very significant.

The pros of the application “Sberbank Investor»

  • You can make sure that dividends and coupons come to the card, this is the main plus.
  • Low commission. Surprisingly, Sberbank now has quite good rates without a Depository Commission.
  • The Reliability Of “Sberbank”. You can be almost sure that the broker will not go bankrupt. Since if Sberbank Broker goes bankrupt, then all other brokers will go bankrupt before that, so Sberbank is probably the largest Bank in the country


  • The main disadvantage is that there are no foreign shares available. Generally. You can’t buy Apple, Google, or Facebook.
  • You can only buy currency in large lots starting from 1000 USD. it is not profitable for Sberbank that you buy currency at the exchange rate, it is profitable for them that you buy currency through the Sberbank banking app, where the rate is much higher.
  • Poor support in the chat and on the phone, you can wait for a response from Sberbank support for a very long time.
  • No Commission is written for purchases, and you don’t know how much the broker charges you
  • Lack of a quotation glass
  • You must constantly receive SMS messages to confirm operations.

2. Finam

Финам.ru - Бренд-бук компании «Финам» — Логотип

It was once a financial media outlet that grew into a broker.


  • Support is able to solve complex issues
  • Since this is a classic broker, there is a wide variety of stock market instruments


  • Confusing tariff grid, a lot of tariffs
  • You don’t have all the information about tariffs in one place, so you have to read a PDF file with a length of 166 pages in small print
  • Newcomers are sometimes connected to the favorable test drive tariff, and after 30 days they are transferred to the “Daily” tariff, where the Commission is much higher and there is a minimum reward of 41 rubles and 30 kopecks.
  • The broker has the right to refuse to provide a favorable FreeTrade tariff plan without explaining the reasons and connects it only by agreement. At the same time, this tariff is actively advertised on the site.
  • The broker is more focused on traders, not investors
  • They often impose their own aggressive investment products
  • Commissions are not displayed in the app
  • Also, the app does not display dividends and bond coupons

So, these are the 6 best brokers in Russia. We have considered all the pros and cons of them. We hope that now it is clear what offers each of them.

Wish you good luck in investing!

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