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What will happen to Bitcoin in 2021? Opinions of experts


We have to say that the future of Bitcoin is quite questionable. Let us get acquainted with the expert opinions on this topic.

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Opinion №1

The Bitcoin exchange rate will exceed the historical maximum of $20 000

Some of the indicators say that the demand for Bitcoin is growing both from private investors and institutional investors. Moreover, it will continue to grow in the long run. The reason for this is the devaluation of world currencies.

One of the necessary conditions for growth is to close the current year rate with at least $12 000. If Bitcoin manages to take positions at this level, growth in the next one is guaranteed.

Among the signs indicating a likely rise in quotations, there is also a permanent increase in the number of crypto wallets with a balance of more than 1000 BTC. This shows the desire of large investors to maintain their positions and expect growth.

Some experts even expect a raise up to $14 000 by the end of 2020. If there is a steady demand for this asset, the level of $20 000 is possible in the III-IV quarters of 2021.

Opinion №2

The cryptocurrency exchange rate will rise up to $15 000 or $20 000

While some experts are optimistic, others view the situation more conservatively.

They insist that it is impossible to predict events for a year ahead at the current time. However, no one denies that Bitcoin is rising, although there may be drawdowns in the market.

The argument for the growth of the BTC quote is the support of markets from Central Banks around the world. Trillions of dollars have been spent on this. Eventually, this money came to the financial markets. This fact affects the value of cryptocurrencies. Based on this, Bitcoin can grow to either $15 000 or $20 000.

Opinion №3

The price of Bitcoin will rise up to $14 000 or fall to $6 000

The third experts’ guess is more pessimistic. To their minds, it is pointless to make any forecasts, since the asset may be affected by too many factors that are difficult to take into account.

People who insist on this claim that Bitcoin has 2 ways: it can either rise up to $14 000 or fall to $6 000. There is also an opinion that if Bitcoin falls to the level of $10 500, it is better not to wait for rapid growth, but on the contrary, prepare for a gradual descent to $6 000.

Opinion №4

The cryptocurrency exchange rate will significantly exceed the historical maximum

Well, the last group of experts claims that the Bitcoin exchange rate is quite capable of breaking the level of $27 000 – $30 000.

This point of view is supported by several facts at once.

Firstly, the long-term effect of the third halving is expected to manifest in the summer-autumn of 2021.

Secondly, one of the consequences of the crisis was the tightening of control over trans-border capital by countries all over the world. Businesses absolutely do not like this, which may force them to use more convenient cryptocurrencies in this regard.

If this forecast is true, the historical maximum of $20 000 can be expected not earlier than in autumn, and the level of $27 000 – $30 000 can be observed in the first days of September.

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