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3 tips that will secure your crypto wallet

  1. Configure 2FA

Two-factor authentication is one of the ways to protect your crypto wallet from unexpected hacking. For two-factor authentication, the user must enter a special code received in SMS or email every time they log in to his account. However, the most common method is through the Google Authenticator app. By installing it on your phone, you can protect your data by generating a random 6-digit code to log in to your wallet or make transfers.

We strongly recommend you to use wallets with the built-in two-factor authentication feature. 

  • Keep your passwords in a safe place

The wallet access key can be named and look different: master key, private key, secret phrase, and so on. There is a recommendation not to store on media that is not connected to the internet. You can write the key on a piece of paper or copy it to a USB stick. Make several backups and remember where they are located. Do not send the key via email, messengers, or social networks.

  • Learn more about the wallet security system

When using a cryptographic wallet, make sure that the address starts with ‘https://’ and not just ‘http://’. This means that the site has an active SSL certificate and all data you send is encrypted.

Search through the internet for articles and news about a particular wallet. Have there ever been any recent thefts, hacker attacks, data leaks, etc.?

You should also check whether the wallet has passed a security audit.

  • Avoid using open Wi-Fi networks

Do not use public Wi-Fi networks, such as in the subway or cafe, when working in a crypto wallet. If you are not at home and you definitely need to send cryptocurrency, use a mobile-internet connection from your phone. At the same time, to log in to your wallet from your laptop, enable hotspot on your phone.

Finally, if the only available option is public Wi-Fi, then connect via a VPN.

Summing up

The safety of your digital assets depends on two factors: the correct choice of wallet and on yourself. If you keep your crypto assets in a questionable location, hackers are likely to steal your coins from an external server even with the most secure password. On the other hand, even an audited wallet with a strong security system will not save you if you accidentally send your keys and passwords to scammers. However, if you follow all the tips above, your bitcoins will be safe.

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