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16 tricky things to spend half of your salary on it


Among the most popular new products in 2020 are custom-made manicure. Everything is pretty obvious: send a photo of your nails to the company’s website, and you will be sent ready-made gel polish stickers. You just need to glue and shape them. You don’t even have to wait for it to dry. But the question arises whether such technology is useful for women who visit manicure in order to talk and forget about all the problems for a while.

Our editorial department scoured the Internet in search of things that initially also seem unusual. But then the idea of ​​buying them becomes quite attractive. Let us decide how useful the things from the last section are.

“A thermometer that determines what you should wear for a walk: a girl can undress up to her bikini”

“My microwave at work can be used as a drawer.”

“My cup holders are tiny construction pallets.”

“A homemade phone stand that makes a cozy fireplace out of it.”

“A device for boiling eggs. When you put it in a saucepan at the same time as the eggs, it determines and shows the degree of their readiness. “

“Egg clock: soft-boiled, bagged, hard-boiled.”

“There is an indicator on my flash drive that determines and shows how much space is occupied in percentage.”

This cutlery or toothbrush holder collects and drains the remaining water back into the sink.

This is a pencil for court workers – on one side a double-sided eraser, and on the other the end of a hammer.

“A counter is installed on my rope, which makes it possible to keep track of the number of jumps I have made.”

This pillow with free space will come in handy for those who have a girlfriend or wife.

“The T-shirt I ordered was squeezed into a small cube.”

The glass that transforms everything behind it into pixels.

“I didn’t think I would be issued a card with a credit limit, so for the sake of fun I chose such an idiotic design. By the way, I am 37 years old “

This car has heated wipers that melt the ice on the windshield.

“As a gift for my anniversary with my wife, I wanted to give something special. I made the phrase “I love you” with the help of a microphone and applied the shape of audio waves to the pendant, which I made myself of gold ”

“And my beloved left me. That is life”.

Bonus number 1: a bed that is ordinary in its kind, but under it is a cozy place for a cat in the form of a labyrinth and a soft corner

Bonus # 2: “I have invented a mechanism that is proud of me. He charges me 25 cents for every pat on the shoulder. “

What things or useful gadgets have really made your life or work easier? In which of these options do you think the creatives overdid it?

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