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Top 2 energy that company stocks worth buying right now


Recently, energy companies have been under serious pressure — oil prices show high volatility in the framework of downward dynamics, the production of electric vehicles is developing quite intensively, hinting at a departure from the use of hydrocarbons as fuel… Today we will try to find out whether everything is so bad in fact, and whether there are interesting papers to add to your portfolio.

  • Hallador Energy Company (HNRG)
  • Comstock Resources (CRK)
  1. Comstock Resources (CRK)
Comstock Resources Earnings Reports | Quarterly & Annual CRK SEC Filings

The first company — Comstock Resources-has an incredibly interesting and long history of its existence, let’s tell you about it in a nutshell. It appeared back in the 19th century, in 1859, in the state of Nevada, as a gold mining company. Their modern history as an oil and gas company began only in 1987 when they were placed on the securities market. Since 1988, they have been exclusively engaged in oil and gas production.

Currently, the basis of their business, 93% of the total amount of hydrocarbons produced, is the production of natural gas. The company has a large number of drilling wells in East Texas and North Louisiana.

At the beginning of 2020, some contracts were signed to increase the number of drilling wells and a vector was taken to increase production capacity. They also use innovative methods of drilling and extracting natural gas in their practice, which greatly affects the efficiency of the entire production process.

If you look at the prospects for the gas industry as a whole, there are also some positive factors. Gas consumption around the world is constantly growing, due to the greater energy efficiency of gas and its purity in production, relative to the same oil.

2. Hallador Energy Company (HNRG)

Hallador Energy Company Announces Reduction in Force

The second company, Hallador Energy Company, has been on the resource market since 1951. Initially, they were profiled in the exploration of oil and gas fields. Over time, they switched to coal mining. Currently, they have a fairly serious production volume — about 10 million tons per year. The market for their products is the Midwest and the southeastern United States. Besides, they have their own infrastructure for moving products along with the Ohio river-Summit Terminal. The company has been listed on the securities market since 1981.

A fairly reliable and serious business with good prospects. If you look at the Affairs of the coal industry as a whole, then everything looks good here, too. Coal is still a widespread energy source and continues to be used in the United States for generating electricity at thermal power plants, heating industrial premises, in agriculture, and metallurgical enterprises. Annually increasing volumes of coal production and consumption in the world are in a moderate upward trend.

As a result of our review, we selected two serious companies. Both have excellent growth prospects. The companies reviewed will help make your portfolio more reliable and fundamental. The time, quantity, and price of the purchase are up to you. Everyone has their own risk and money management.

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