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17 proofs that shopping online is like walking on the edge of a cliff


Almost 2 billion people order various goods or services on the Internet. And although ordering products online has become commonplace, no one is safe from mistakes and irresponsibility of sellers, packers or delivery service. In the end, uncomfortable situations arise.

Our editorial staff found on the Internet the narratives of users for whom their online purchase left not the best memories. But you shouldn’t be upset, even if the product you get is very far from what you want: as the story in the bonus will show, happiness can come from where you didn’t expect it.

“I decided to buy a magic potato for a penny for my soul. She had to grow into a beautiful plant. I look at the picture and cry with laughter “

“I bought a gift set of chocolate-covered pears, but I took pears and bars of the cheapest chocolate at an overpriced price”

“I didn’t measure my cat and the carrier was too small for him.”

“I just picked up this chair, but no review indicated it.”

“My sister bought this for my little niece. Now I think: how small children should be so that they can sit and play on this rug “

“I bought a warm hat and this is what I took”

“This year I decided to order such candles.”

“What I bought and what I took away”

“I took new toys for cats from the post office”

“I bought a mask for Halloween and this is what I took.”

“Above is what my girlfriend bought for $ 175. Below is what she took.”

When I wanted to buy AirPods, and the product far exceeded expectations

“I ordered a very rare vinyl record. The post office decided to wrap her in elastic bands, and because of this she hesitated “

“I bought a stuffed plush toy on the Internet and took it away.”

“I bought a kitchen rug on Amazon. The mail did not want to deliver it to your home, because it is “too heavy”. I went to get it manually by mail “

“The rug was marked ‘heavy’, but there was no sticker ‘fragile’. The rug was found to be torn, but Amazon did not return it because the item was not received. “
“Mom bought this rug. Pringles jar for comparison “

Bonus: Thought I was buying a sweater like Chris Evans in Knives Out. And I almost fainted when I took this: a kit for making it by hand. “

“But my friends posted my story on Twitter, and unexpectedly in honor of the release of Knives Out on DVD, the filmmakers sent me a small package. He had a whole sweater in it. “

Have you or someone you know had weird online purchases?

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