Insurance is required here, moreover, it is imperative to have confirmation that the car is insured, with you, otherwise it will be unpleasant. If they stop you and find out that there is no insurance, there will already be problems, and if it has not yet been issued, then driving in such a car is considered a criminal offense.

What are the insurances in the USA?

There are obligatory ones, but there are also those that can be issued only at will and if finances allow. Let’s start with a must-have for everyone.

Civil liability insurance

This type of insurance is required for all Americans. It covers the costs of the injured party in the event of an accident through your fault, and therefore it is simply prohibited to drive without it. Such insurance costs an average of about $ 14 per day. However, it can be cheaper – a lot depends on the state and the prices of specific companies, although it is unlikely that a significant difference can be achieved through searches.

By the way, if you take out insurance for your car, this is one story – you take it for a long time, and if you rent a car, be sure to check if insurance is included in the rental price, otherwise you risk getting problems – most car sharing shows the price only for a car …


This is an optional insurance, but rather an additional one. But it is very convenient, because even if you are to blame for an accident, claims against you will not be able to exceed the amount of your deductible (up to $ 1000).

It is important to understand what a franchise is in this context. This is the amount of damage that you must cover with your own money in the event of an accident, until the insurance company begins to pay the victim money. And the big plus is that you yourself can determine this amount, and they simply cannot claim anything more from you at this moment.

Insurance companies sell such insurance for $ 10 a day, but intermediaries are already throwing it on top and asking for $ 15 to $ 25 a day.

To take or not to take insurance, of course, is up to you. But keep in mind that there are many violators in the United States, especially in tourist states, where in general 20-25% of citizens travel without insurance. At the same time, accidents occur much more often in such places and although in principle it is better not to get into them, but without insurance this is the beginning of the end. You will immediately automatically have problems with the law, and if an accident also happened through your fault, then with the second participant in the accident, and with the costs of repairs, etc.

Insurance in the USA is expensive, but it will cost you much more to make problems without it.

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