In the United States, they love outdoor activities, beaches, water – all this is simply irreplaceable for them, but the best option, especially now, when many people work from home or even conduct their business remotely, this is of course its own real estate on the seashore or ocean.

In addition, all over the world, real estate is also considered a profitable investment, and therefore such a purchase closes two tasks at once – and enjoying life, and profitable investment of your own funds. We will tell you in which US cities you can buy apartments and houses if you want to be as close to the ocean as possible, as well as which places are better suited for fans of outdoor activities or for those who are looking for the most comfortable climate.

Cities for healthy lifestyle and sports lovers

It has the best infrastructure for recreation and entertainment related to an active lifestyle, as well as for those who want to regularly practice various sports in the best conditions. We will also tell you what for what.


On average, a house here costs about $ 480,000. Believe me, this is not the highest price in our selection yet.

Key Largo

Cook for at least $ 650K. However, these beauties are definitely worth it.

Myrtle Beach

It’s cheaper to live here – on average, a house costs about $ 170,000. Perhaps the most budgetary option of all. But this does not mean that it is bad here. It’s just, let’s say, not as luxurious as Miami. But there is everything for sports and active entertainment.

Panama City

The price of the house is around 320 thousand dollars.


Don’t fall, on average a house here costs 722 thousand dollars. Hawaii is not a city beach for you, living here is not a cheap pleasure, although it is customary to meet guests here in clothes made of natural materials and wreaths of flowers. In fact, everything is much more expensive and more complicated.

Miami Beach

570 thousand dollars – this is the average price of a house here. And what do you want, celebrities come here straight from the red carpet.


$ 520,000 and a house in Destin, Florida, yours.

Key West

530 thousand dollars will have to pay for the opportunity to live here in your house.


Here it is already more budgetary and nicer to the wallet – 340 thousand dollars and your house.

Fort Myers

On average, houses here cost up to $ 500,000.

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