Everyone has a completely different attitude to food. And even more so for starvation – someone perceives it as a way of self-medication, healthy lifestyle, etc., and someone as a mockery of themselves. In traditional medicine, the opinion about fasting is also not the best, however, people practice it all over the world. Let’s figure out what is harmful and useful in this article.

Why do we need food?

From food, a person draws the most important source of his energy – this is glucose. At the same time, the supply of glucose that people get from food is depleted in about 20 hours. The feeling of hunger is actually triggered by the fact that cells send a signal about a lack of nutrition in the body.

Considering that during sleep, the metabolism slows down, then we will definitely have enough glucose for a day. Longer fasting can cause serious problems.

Therefore, most often, intelligent people use intermittent fasting, which really helps to lose weight and at the same time is quite gentle for the body. As a rule, such a scheme is used – a person eats for 8 hours, and goes hungry for 16 hours. Thus, one meal is definitely dropped out.

What are the advantages of such a food scheme?

  • metabolism not only does not suffer, but also improves;
  • really helps to lose weight, because in 16 hours the body and food has time to digest, and to get to fat reserves;
  • it helps to normalize the production of insulin;
  • Well, a purely everyday practical plus – as a rule, with such a scheme, people do not have dinner and quickly get used to it, which actually free themselves up the evening.

If during prolonged fasting on water, for example, lightness is deceiving and dangerous, then in the case of intermittent fasting it is real and due to normal reasons. In fact, this is the unloading of the body from the excess – it is easier for it to cope with food, they are not overloaded, hence the ease.

Fasting for 18 hours

Already stricter, but lovers of strict diets will appreciate it. In fact, that extra two hours gives you, on top of all the plusses, starting the autophagy process. It sounds scary, since this is actually self-eating – when the body begins to eat its cells, but in fact it starts with damaged ones. Hence the effect of rejuvenation and that very lightness.

This option is also permissible and doctors do not prohibit it, although they themselves often advise the 16-hour fasting scheme, since it is simply easier to tolerate psychologically and banally more comfortable.

Fasting days

Most often, they are arranged for themselves once a week and this is a normal practice, since, as we found out above, we have more than enough glucose for a day. This speeds up metabolism, improves bowel function, and corrects hormonal balance. It is useful and harmless. If someone has the opportunity to eat their own healthy food, they may not need it. But for those who often eat fast food, they have a snack with sandwiches, and after a working day they gorge themselves at night, fasting days are only good for them.

Remember that prolonged fasting can already be dangerous. For example, 36 hours is still permissible, although doctors say that it is impossible more often than once a month, and you should not go hungry anymore without real medical indications. You can really lose the feeling of hunger after a while – hungry people don’t lie. However, few of them know that this is not due to enlightenment or addiction, but due to ketone euphoria, which can lead to coma.

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