Monuments of architecture, sights, temples, beaches – these are all undoubtedly very important during travel, but most of the impressions of the trip are food. to feel the spirit of the new city, you should try the local delicacies that are so generously sold right on the street shops.


If you want to get to know this country better, we offer you a national dish. This is a Bavarian sausage cooked in tomato sauce and curry, until golden brown and poured with a tomato-based sauce.


Balkan cuisine is replete with a variety of meat dishes. but my favorite dish is chevachpipi. These are sausages made from minced meat and onions and spices served in a pita or flatbread with local herbs and vegetables.


Walking the streets of Thailand, you can observe many different carts with a variety of delicacies, be sure to try fried pancakes with banana or noodles. it is also worth visiting the huge bazaars with street food and trying the seafood that will be cooked in front of you, fish, shrimps, lobsters compete with frogs, sharks and grasshoppers. the counters are full of a variety of fruits. and for lovers of sweets, it is worth trying a special fried ice cream.


This country has long occupied a special place for travelers from all over the world. Italian pizza, coffee, olives and desserts will fall in love with you from the first spoon. but in order to fully experience italy, you must taste the Italian ice cream. you will not find anything similar anywhere else.

Czech Republic

Fairs and farmers’ markets have long attracted tourists from all over the world. various cheeses, sausages, sausages, local pastries according to ancient recipes on charcoal directly on the street. pork shank cooked in beer and covered with glaze is worth a special mention; it is served with pickles and sauces of horseradish, mustard and tomatoes.


The variety of street food in this country is simply amazing. every couple of meters you will be able to observe carts with different goodies. spicy eggplant, fish balls, seafood on skewers, various buns and dim sum. it is simply impossible to remain indifferent.

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