Living together with a famous person often turns into a real test for his soul mate. Elvis Presley is the king of rock and roll and the recognized genius of the musical sphere, his wife Priscilla is a beauty with an angelic face, who was 10 years younger than him. For Elvis, she became the only woman who heard a marriage proposal from him. And for her, he was a man whom, through time, parting, quarrels and divorce, she still considered the love of her life.

Our editorial team decided to completely immerse themselves in Priscilla’s story and find out how a woman lived who did not have the opportunity to appear in front of her husband without makeup.

He was 24, she was 14. They met in 1959 at a party organized by Elvis himself, who served in the army in those years. The pretty girl immediately attracted his attention. To impress her, he performed several songs, including “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” (“Are you lonely tonight?”). When Priscilla left the party, she thought she would never meet Presley again. But fate decided differently.

Elvis saw the similarities between Priscilla and his recently departed mother Gladys, whom he greatly missed. Soon, the musician called the girl out on a date, where they kissed for the first time. Priscilla’s parents were very alarmed and said they wanted to personally meet with Presley. During the first meeting, the young man made such a good impression on them that their fears instantly disappeared. He said that he has sincere feelings for their daughter and thinks that in her mental development she is much older than her years.

When the couple’s relationship was in its infancy, Elvis told his friend Rex Mansfield that Priscilla was “young enough that he could mold her to whatever he wants.” And the young lady, meanwhile, fell so deeply in love with her “king” that he became the center of her world.

After a while, their meetings became permanent. Priscilla did her makeup and took her mother’s clothes, hoping that Elvis’s friends and acquaintances would think that she was at least 16. There were always a lot of people at parties in his mansion, everyone chatted, laughed and waited for Elvis to come down from his room. As soon as he did this, silence reigned in the living room: everyone wanted to understand what his mood was today. “No one, including me, dared to joke if he was in a bad mood. And when he laughed, we all laughed, ”Priscilla told about that time.

“In the evenings, when his mood was calm and peaceful, he described to me his ideal woman and said that I perfectly fit this image. He liked quiet brunettes with blue eyes. He wanted to tailor me to his preferences. Loyalty on the part of a woman was also very important for him, ”Priscilla recalled.

Their relationship was platonic until their wedding night, because Elvis treasured Priscilla’s purity and wanted to wait until she matured. However, during their romance, the artist had other women, ranging from girl neighbors to Hollywood celebrities.

It is no coincidence that Priscilla and Elvis are so similar. Presley “sculpted” her in his own image and likeness and even forced the girl to make porcelain crowns to make her smile flawless. In addition, he told the hairdresser to dye his lover’s hair black, like his, and style the curls in a similar hairstyle. Another girl always appeared at events in clothes of the same color as his. On these grounds, Priscilla later described herself as “a living Elvis doll.”

She was forbidden to appear in front of him without makeup and hairstyle: he did not want to see the process of creating beauty, but only wanted to observe the final result. Priscilla had to do everything to make Elvis feel happy. At the same time, it did not matter what she would like herself and whether she has any claims.

The lovers got engaged, and Priscilla became pregnant almost immediately. This made Elvis nervous about how parenthood would affect his career. When Priscilla was 7 months old, he asked for a break in the relationship. Soon, when their daughter Lisa Marie was born, the couple got back together.

After giving birth, the young mother noticed that Elvis no longer had the desire to fulfill his marital duty. Later, Priscilla said: “Even before the wedding, Elvis admitted that he would never be able to enter into intimacy with a woman who has a child.” At the same time, the artist himself, as before the engagement, had connections on the side. But now Priscilla no longer wanted to just wait for him to come back like a faithful dog.

They were married for a little over 6 years. The woman said in an interview that she broke up with him not because she did not love him. “I should have learned more about the world,” Priscilla admitted frankly. – I was not adolescent, like a normal girl, and I just watched what he did and repeated. I didn’t have a life of my own, and I can say I lost myself. ”

After the divorce, the former spouses shared custody of their daughter and saw each other constantly. Upon learning of Elvis’s death, Priscilla was devastated, and it took her a long time to pull herself together and move on.

Their daughter Lisa Marie Presley became a singer in the future, and was also married to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. One of the Presley’s granddaughters, Riley Keough, became a model and actress.

Leaving the name of her ex-husband, but changing her hairstyle and image, Priscilla dug into the world of fashion. She later also starred in several films. Her most famous roles are Jenna Wade in the TV series Dallas and Jane Spencer in the Naked Gun series.

Priscilla began to create her own personality and began to realize that girls, oddly enough, can have their own lives.

Today Priscilla is 75 years old. Since 2003, she has been an ambassador for the Santa Barbara Dream Foundation, an organization that fulfills the wishes of terminally ill adults and their families.

Despite not the most successful marriage and a quick divorce, Priscilla remembers Elvis warmly. The woman still considers him “the love of her life” and says that despite the difficulties they faced, she will love him forever.

Do you think life with a famous person is always a test for his soul mate? Or is it different?

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