Dental treatment is expensive everywhere. But in the US, you can use a lot of tricks to keep your teeth in order and save your budget from huge expenses. How to choose a dentist and not miscalculate either in quality or in money, we will tell you in this article.

Option 1 – treatment in Mexico

Dental services there are much less expensive and this is a weighty argument for those who live not too far from the southern border of the United States. The level of quality of these services is different locally, so if you decide to take such a step, you should first inquire about reviews of clinics and doctors.

Option 2 – treatment by students

Do not be afraid, because students of dental universities and colleges begin to work with people, having a fairly large baggage of knowledge and practice on specialized equipment. It may take longer, but the quality will not be affected as the students work under the continuous guidance of experienced dentists.

This gives the students much-needed experience and you very inexpensive treatment.

Option 3 – clinical trials

The drugs that are used in dentistry are also being tested and sometimes the manufacturer needs patients to be without problems, but more often just with problems. On the website of the National Institute for Dental Research, you can find information on current research and apply if you and the manufacturer feel like you are “right for each other.”

Option 4 – contact the Health Bureau for contacts

They finance budget clinics with very moderate tariffs or even providing free services. They will tell you where their nearest clinic is.

Option 5 – Feel Free to Contact Your State Department of Health

If your state has any profitable options for your question, they will definitely prompt you.

Option 6 – dental insurance

Sometimes it helps to avoid huge expenses, it may also be already included in your policy. If you are just going to issue it, read the terms and conditions very carefully. Sometimes the payments are high or low, but the reimbursement amount is also low. Some set different payments – large when you are treated, smaller when you do not use insurance.

Option 7 – discount plan

Go to any dentist and ask for a plan to treat your teeth if there are a lot of problems. After that, compare the prices for services in different clinics, and also talk with them about discounts on a large amount of work – many clinics do not offer this on their websites, but in fact they are ready to make concessions. The main thing is to fix all the agreements in the end, so that your entire discount plan does not depend on whether a particular manager or doctor works.

Option 8 – Madicare, Medicaid, Chip

These are large government programs that often include dentistry. Sometimes they allow you to get free treatment, sometimes a discount – for example, crowns and other expensive things for adults, they definitely won’t cover in full.

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