In the United States, the problem of immigrants is acute, and therefore lawyers are in great demand. Obtaining a residence permit. Naturalization and obtaining citizenship – all this is very difficult and alone this path is difficult for a person to go through. But where there is a high demand, there is also a large supply, including from scammers. How not to fall for the bait of deceivers and choose a good lawyer, we will tell you in this article.

The name says a lot

It is not difficult for legally savvy citizens to choose a good lawyer. There are official resources, there are ways to collect information, in the end, it is possible to find out reviews and check a specialist for all articles. But the average citizen does not have such options, and therefore we will give you several markers by which you can understand who is in front of you – a specialist or a swindler.

The name in the legal environment is everything. Traditionally, attorneys call their law firms by their names and surnames. First, it really inspires confidence. Secondly, it is a tribute to tradition. Thirdly, this is an important indicator. If a lawyer works conscientiously, it will only benefit him that his name will show off on a signboard, sound in the news and newspaper inserts, be passed from mouth to mouth, etc. No one is ashamed of their names – on the contrary, they show with all their might that they are not ashamed of their work and they have nothing to hide.

For you, the absence of a surname in the name of the office is a signal to escape from such a lawyer.

Bar associations

Each state has its own and it is very convenient. For example, you see an advertisement for a lawyer who says he has been in this case for 20 years. Go to the website of the Bar Association and check it. And suddenly you realize that for at least 10 years the lawyer was out of work – he had many disciplinary violations, due to which, among other things, his clients suffered, because he simply did not appear at the meetings, having previously taken payment.

There are a lot of such cases, and not all those who call themselves lawyers work with them. Many simply have an education, but such labor “sorties” are made to collect money from people and rest until the next time when the term of disciplinary violations ends.

Right there, by the way, you can check the lawyer’s license. Many do not have it at all and simply deceive people by offering them their services for a price lower than the market average, much lower. They hurry, they say, for example, that they can take only one client and there is a lot of work. Against this background, people even agree to a full prepayment.


In the United States, the law is a powerful tool and people, so to speak, love to sue for any reason. That is why good lawyers most often work in a narrow specialization and even within it they manage to divide the work among themselves. If you offer such a lawyer a case beyond his competence, he will refuse, regardless of the amount of payment, because most often he devotes his life to work in one direction, in which he feels like a fish in water. Consent to all attorneys in the United States are not attorneys.

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