This year, the situation with quarantines and the pandemic has severely spoiled travel plans. now, when many of the countries still do not allow tourists to visit, turn your attention to closer but no less interesting capitals.

Budapest, Hungary

Lovers of architecture will be satisfied, numerous monuments, sights, will not leave you indifferent. and if you decide to improve your health, then thermal springs are at your service. and the city’s pleasant pricing policy will not ruin you during your vacation.

Prague. Czech Republic

The city is steeped in romance and antiquity. cobblestone pavements, ancient gas lamps, red tiled roofs mixed with Gothic architecture will leave an unforgettable impression. and low prices and delicious food with beer will pleasantly strangle you.

Moscow, Russia

You can always look at familiar cities in a new way. Red Square, Arbat, the Kremlin are some of the few attractions that must be visited. lovers of the cultural program should definitely visit the opera and ballet theater, see the legendary swan lake and the nutcracker, watch performances with a star cast of actors and then dine in the cozy restaurants of the Tsum overlooking Red Square.

Riga, Latvia

A charming and striking example of Art Nouveau architecture, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The capital of humor. and this is combined with the amazing beaches of the bay, excellent southern cuisine.

Warsaw. Poland

A city on the river, combining Art Nouveau and Gothic, medieval castles and glass skyscrapers. cozy cute cafes scattered on narrow streets will not leave you indifferent.

Kiev, Ukraine

A beautiful, big, proud city that meets you with incredible monuments of architecture, cobbled streets, green parks. One of the most delicious cities in Europe, replete with a variety of different cuisines of the world and surprises the most demanding gourmets.

Ljubljana. Slovenia

The oldest city in Europe is an architectural heritage from the time of the Romans. The city center has not been touched since the middle of the century and has retained its flavor. combines mountain scenery, authenticity and modern spirit.

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