When planning your vacation at sea, pay attention to Greece, with its variety of islands, there will definitely be plenty to choose from to enjoy the sun, unique climate, picturesque views, amazing cuisine and local wine.


An ideal substitute for Santorini if ​​you are not ready to pay a large sum and do not want to put up with the endless number of tourists in the narrow streets. the perfectly white houses on the cliffs, the windmills and the blue shutters are very reminiscent of the famous island of the newlyweds. but unlike santorini, mykonos has a lot of pelicans waiting for you.


One of the largest islands in greece, which means that you will find many attractions and architectural monuments. Unique natural landscapes and seascapes, which is only a pink bay and the purest azure water, it’s hard to believe that all this was created by nature.


If you are looking for solitude and silence, this island will definitely appeal to your heart. there are no noisy parties or loud clubs, there is not even public transport. donkeys and carts will be at your disposal. as well as perfectly clear turquoise water and pristine sandy beaches.


One of the Greek legends tells us that God Poseidon once got angry with the nymphs and turned them into an island. it justifies the unearthly beauty of the island. one of the visiting cards is Paliohori beach. The pink beach with bright red rocks and blue water will not leave you indifferent.


One of the most popular islands in Greece is reminiscent of Italian Venice. colorful bright houses, sun-drenched narrow streets paved with paving stones. if you want to enjoy the island without a lot of tourists, we suggest you plan your vacation in September or October.


If you can’t decide which vacation to choose, noisy and active or quiet and secluded, then this island will help you combine both of these options. quiet, deserted beaches, cute fishing villages mixed with bustling clubs and bars, that’s what awaits you.

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