Buying your home here is definitely more profitable than renting, because the cost of renting a good home in the United States is very expensive. However, the cost of some apartments is horrifying and awe-inspiring. We have collected for you 20 of the most expensive homes in the United States for sale.

House in Florida, Naples

Luxurious 5-room home worth $ 65 million. The plot area is 4 acres, and the houses are almost 1500 square meters.

House in California, Los Angeles

This is a more modern, but at the same time, classic version. For $ 66 million 650 thousand, you can get a 9-bedroom mansion set on a 1.16-acre lot. The mansion itself covers an area of ​​1013 square meters.

House in California, Bradbury

14 bedrooms, 9.12 acres, nearly 2,800 square meters and unspeakable luxury. The price of such beauty is 68 million dollars.

House in Florida, Palm Beach

Pay just almost $ 70 million and this luxury for 8 bedrooms, on a plot of 1.39 acres, an area of ​​almost 3300 square meters is yours.

New York Penthouse Suite

4 bedrooms for $ 70 million, but what the views … and New York again. It’s probably worth it.

House, NY, Water Mill

11 bedrooms, 15 acres plot, nearly 1900 meters of floor space. The price of such beauty is 72 million dollars.

House, California, Los Angeles

8 bedrooms, 54 acres, home area of ​​almost 3750 meters. And the price of this beauty is $ 75 million.

House, California, Los Angeles

11 bedrooms for $ 79 million. The plot and area are rather modest in comparison with the previous ones – almost 4.4 acres and only 914 squares.

House, California, Malibu

This five-bedroom luxury will delight fans of minimalism and classics. Almost 1400 square meters, a plot of 2.5 acres, and all this for $ 80 million.

Penthouse, New York

6 bedrooms for $ 82 million.

Penthouse, New York

5 floors, almost 1400 square meters, $ 84.5 million.

House, California, Los Angeles

10 bedrooms, 89 acres, nearly 3300 squares. This luxury is worth 85 million dollars.

House, California, Los Angeles

17 bedrooms on almost 2800 square meters. The plot is modest – 2.8 acres. Price – $ 88 million.

House, Massachusetts, Chesnut Hill

8 bedrooms and stunning nature, almost 14 arches from which are yours. And all this for $ 90 million. Isn’t it a palace?

House, California, Beverly Hills

12 bedrooms, 25 acres, just over 2,600 squares. The price is, however, much higher – $ 129 million.

Classic .. House, New York, East Hampton

10 bedrooms and does not even reach 1000 square meters, but the price tag is $ 140 million.

House, Connecticut, Darien

10 bedrooms, unimaginable beauty … And it could be yours for only $ 175 million.

House, Florida, Lantan

10 bedrooms and a $ 195 million price tag.

House, California, Los Angeles

14 bedrooms and a price tag of $ 200 million.

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