You would never have thought that these animals exist. they were created not by artists or designers, but by our nature.

Snow goat

These snow-white fluffy creatures live in the United States, often in the mountains. prefer solitude or small groups. Females are always the main ones in their herd arrangement.


These inhabitants of Australia are considered one of the largest birds in the world, they absolutely cannot fly, but they run very fast.

Blue parrotfish

Inhabitants of tropical seas, very bright blue fish in the shape of their heads resemble the beak of parrots.

Mantis shrimp

Amazing deep sea creature. lives at the bottom of the oceans. extremely aggressive and dangerous. the amazing ability of these crustaceans is to distinguish up to 12 primary colors, for comparison, a person is capable of only 3.

Striped bristly hedgehog

Lives exclusively on the island of Madagascar. similar to a mixture of a hedgehog and a bee in color.


Inhabitant of the desert regions of Australia. The lizard has hundreds of thorns on its body and horns on its head, it looks like a formidable dinosaur, only much smaller. the locals call her the thorny devil.

Mouse fish

The fish whose fins are like paws lives in shallow waters and moves along the bottom with the help of their paws. surprisingly, the mouth is bright red, it looks like she put on red lipstick. this color is needed to attract males

California condor

A very rare species of the Californian vulture family. close to the South American condor. is found in the mountains of Arizona, Jute and Mexico. the wingspan reaches 340 cm and the body length is 100-140 cm. for a long time it was considered extinct. but survived thanks to us ornithologists.


Steppe antelopes living in the vastness of Kazakhstan. a rare and practically endangered species of animals. similar to a fluffy boar with light fur and large horns like an antelope.

Purple frog

underground inhabitants with a bright purple color and a very unusual muzzle, somewhat reminiscent of a mouse nose. they are underground all their lives and do not need sunlight at all.

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