All of us have been thinking: “Who is the most successful trader and how much does he have?”. Let us discover the answers to these questions.

  1. masterluc
  2. Michael Novogratz
  3. Tai Lopez
  4. Tony Robbins
  5. Bob Voulgaris
  1. masterluc 

masterluc is one of the most popular crypto traders of our time. Some traders even call him legendary. A few facts are known about his personality, but this does not prevent us from being amazed by his trading skills.

We are reminding you that it was the first person who predicted a bearish trend in the market after the bitcoin rally in 2013.

Net worth: –

  • Michael Novogratz

Michael Novogratz, former director of the Fortress investment company and ex-partner at Goldman Sachs, spoke about investing in virtual currencies back in 2013.

According to Bloomberg, he has made a great deal of money on Ethereum price growth. Novogratz purchased Ethereum for $500,000 at price less than a dollar apiece and went on vacation to India. Upon returning, the price of the coin increased more than five times. Then he bought more. When the price of Ethereum reached almost $400 and Bitcoin reached $2,500 in the middle of 2017, Novogratz sold enough coins to make a profit of about $250 million.

Today, Michael Novogratz owns a $ 500 million hedge fund to invest in cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and related companies.

Net worth: 600$ million

  • Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez, the legendary person in the world of trading and business, a master of marketing, financial consultant, film producer, and businessman is also fond of trading cryptocurrencies and believes that the future of the economy is digital assets. Lopez is known to the public for his bold but pretty realistic forecasts for prices. In an interview, the trader announced that if all the world’s millionaires transfer 1% of their savings to Bitcoin, the price of the crypto coin will rise to $60,000.

Today, Lopez gives personal advice to executives of large companies, as well as makes videos on trading and investing for his YouTube channel.

Net worth: $60 million

  • Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is known to the world as a business coach and showman who tours with his motivational speeches around the world and has sold-outs. However, Robbins himself has 33 working businesses, actively invests and trades various assets. In the portfolio of an investor and trader, there is also Bitcoin, although it does not occupy the largest large part.

Robbins is sure that investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky activity, so people should invest in them as much as you are not afraid to lose. Tony also makes no secret that he invests in Bitcoin and waits for its price to rise to maximum heights to successfully sell the asset.

Despite Robbins’ skepticism about cryptocurrencies, he gives really valuable and useful tips on investing and trading, which are exactly suitable for novice traders and those who are moving from other spheres of investment to crypto-investing.

Net worth: $600 million

  • Bob Voulgaris

Bob Voulgaris is not a crypto insider indeed. He gained some notoriety in the world of betting on NBA games and poker, being one of the most successful players in the world, and was invited as a speaker at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. However, this does not give reason to doubt Bob’s success as a crypto trader. Once, Vulgaris even lured his friend Mark Cuban, a billionaire, with whom they made bets in crypto trading. This was the beginning of their successful activity in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Net worth: $500,000-$2 million

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