The beautiful Hollywood actresses managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers around the world with their beautiful acting. We invite you to identify the most attractive Hollywood star worthy of being called the standard of beauty.

Gal Gadot

The actress, originally from Israel, was able to conquer not only viewers, but also film critics with her unusually frank acting and sexy appearance. On account of Gal Gadot there are many famous roles that brought her world fame: 4, 5, and 6 parts of “Fast and the Furious” with Vin Diesel, as well as “Justice League: Part 1” and “Wonder Woman”.

Margot Robbie

The Joker’s unforgettable girlfriend is Harley Quinn. Critics agree that only Margot Robbie was able to fully reveal this hero, for whom she, in fact, received stunning worldwide fame among the males. But not only this role brought her popularity – for her performance in the biographical film “The Wolf of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot was awarded the prestigious British Film Award Empire.

Monica Bellucci

The 52-year-old Italian actress, with her charm, can easily “wipe her nose” with any younger beauty. Monica Bellucci gained her fame after playing in the film “Malena” under the ingenious direction of Giuseppe Farnatore. It was a successful start for Bellucci in world cinema, after which she began to be called for the main roles in the most profitable films, including “The Matrix Reloaded” with Keanu Reeves in the title role and “Agent 007: Specter” with Daniel Craig.

Scarlett Johansson

The American celebrity of Hollywood and the incredibly charming plump-lipped blonde Scarlett Johansson won over the public after the premiere on the screens of the films Lost in Translation, Iron Man, The Avengers and The Prestige with Hugh Jackman. Everything about her is perfect – the acting excites the imagination as much as her incredible sexy appearance.

Megan Fox

Playing in the first two parts of Michael Bay’s Transformers movie franchise made Megan Fox a sought-after actress, for whom a real struggle began among world-famous directors. While still small, Megan wanted to become a Hollywood star, and now she can confidently say that her wish came true. Who knows what else Fox dreamed of as a child.

Natalie Portman

Natalie is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, each role of which is remembered by the audience with its purity, frankness and charm of the heroine. Her first major role in cinematography was the masterpiece “Leon” by the French director Luc Besson, who gave the then young Natalie a successful and productive future in the film industry. Today Natalie Portman is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie is the most beloved Hollywood actress, who has become a real idol for millions of fans. She manages to play in films, produce and engage in her own projects, as well as conduct active social activities. At the same time, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt manages to remain an incredibly feminine and loving mother of six children. According to Forbes magazine, forty-year-old Angelina Jolie is one of the most influential women in the world, and People magazine named her the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Jennifer Lawrence

Played the role of Mockingjay in the incredible saga “The Hunger Games” 26-year-old Jennifer today increasingly shines on the covers of reputable glossy magazines as an idol who combines the perfect combination of unique beauty and talent. In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence became the youngest actress to receive an Oscar for Best Actress in the tragicomedy My Boyfriend is Crazy starring Bradley Cooper. Lawrence is the only actress to have been nominated for an Oscar four times before age 26.

Mila Kunis

Big-eyed brunette Mila Kunis has gained popularity and recognition of fans from her very first appearance on the Hollywood screen. Directors admired her talent, and men bowed to unearthly beauty. Mila’s filmography includes such famous films as “The Book of Eli”, “Friendship Sex” with Justin Timberlake, “Black Swan”, “Jupiter Ascending” and “Very Bad Moms”.

Keira Knightley

Two-time Oscar nominee Keira Knightley at first glance attracts the viewer’s attention not only with her pure acting, but also with her beautiful appearance. Refined facial features give her aristocracy. Knightley became super popular after filming in the franchise about the famous pirate – Captain Jack Sparrow with Johnny Depp in the title role. Especially the actress plays the roles of historical figures – she can be seen in the movie “The Duchess” – of the literary heroines, Keira Knightley also played Anna Karenina in the film of the same name by Joe Wright.

Jennifer Aniston

Remember the youth television series Friends? According to most critics, it was Aniston who attracted the male half of the audience to him. Relaxed and sophisticated – Aniston is still an idol for many fans. The list of films with her participation every year is replenished with dozens of films, the most famous of them are “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carrey, “American Divorce” and “We are the Millers”. Last year, 47-year-old Jennifer Aniston was named the Most Attractive Actress in Hollywood by People magazine.

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