In our beautiful cinematic universe about magicians from Hogwarts, it would seem that everything could be completely different if the main roles in it were played not by men, but by women. It’s hard to imagine how the magic saga would have developed, if the main villain was an evil sorceress, and a girl was born in the Potter family.

Our editors decided to use our famous Photoshop magic to depict what the main characters of a magical fairy tale might look like if they were of a completely different gender than J.K. Rowling had invented.


2. Weasley

3. Lovegood

4. Longbottom

5. Snape

6. Moody

7. Granger

8. Lupine

9. Potter

10. Weasley

11. McGonagall

12. Black

13. Weasley

14. Malfoy

15. Hagrid

16. Dursley

17. Chang

18. Dursley

19. Crum

20. Diggory

21. She-Whose-Name-Must-Not-Be-Named

Would you be interested in revisiting all the episodes about the wizards of Hogwarts if such “updated” characters were played in the films?

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