Many of us have long known about the great monuments of history, the Great Wall of China or the Pyramid of Cheops, the Colosseum or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But in the world there are no less grandiose and exciting places about which, even the most knowledgeable travelers, nothing is known.

Jenna Cathedral Mosque

Is located in the city of Mali and is the largest clay structure in the world. People of other religions are not allowed into the mosque. only Muslims can get there and not so long ago. The mosque was closed to tourists until 1996. it has retained its original appearance and there is no light, no water.

Old bridge. Bosnia and Herzegovina

The bridge gained popularity among tourists not only because it is an architectural monument, but also because one of the main entertainments is jumping from this bridge into the river. The bridge itself is an exact reproduction of an ancient pedestrian bridge of the 16th century. after being destroyed by Croatian militants, it was rebuilt 10 years later.

Chand Baori, India

An amazing stepped well built from around the 9th to the 11th century by King Chand. It was an attempt to provide the inhabitants with drinking water at such a price in the hot and arid Indian climate.

Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque, Iran

The mosque was built by order of Abbas Shah and served for the women of the harem. this was the reason for the architects to change the usual canons of construction and create an unusual and beautiful temple in which there are no minarets and an inner courtyard, steps lead to the main entrance and the interior decoration amazes with its wealth.

Fort Kumbalgarh. India

This Indian Great Wall is an analogue of the Chinese one and served to protect the city from invaders, for all the time of its existence, no one has ever been able to overcome this wall. its length is 36 km. the locals called her the death guard.

Derawar, Pakistan

Built in the Thar desert, this fortress has the shape of a square, more than 30 meters high. In ancient times, this fortress was not open to everyone, but only to the highest ranks of the army. now absolutely every tourist can visit it.

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